Sex doll review moaning lisa

TPE material feels lifelike, making her breasts, ass, and hips simply addictive to the touch. Easy to store in a closet or under bed storage unit. Doll Review Ok, Sili can be sexy and everything, but is she a good doll to buy? Also the doll came with a light make up, pretty acrylic nails and toenails, and eyelashes. This body was in bad shape — a deep cut in the right knee, a deep indentation on the left knee, a puncture with missing material on her left shoulder, a rip running from the lower back all the way to the anus, cuts on both palms, and a long, deep cut in one of the ass cheeks. Then I spun the potentiometers that jutted out from her chest like nipples.

Sex doll review moaning lisa

In fact, this pink body is even a better playing partner because it has the lose joints options, making arranging the doll during play a lot easier. Her oral cavity is stretchy enough to fit most guys, but remember to use plenty of lube to avoid damaging the doll. The weight gives good resistance when you are playing with it, but still is an easy weight to move it around. She is cute and pretty right from the box and once prepped with her long wig and sexy tight dress, she is sexy as hell! This body only weights around 60 pounds which is perfect for playing — especially if you are a healthy guy. Arousal is a program triggered by specific inputs. Still, the doll looks and feel much better than when it arrived. No just perserverance and strong fingers. Casquetero As you know, I bought myself a cute St. This doll has the slim proportions common in Asian young women and the doll feels so natural that is scary. Two weeks later, I got another email showing photos of the completed head with my selected options and four days after, UPS was at my door delivering the inserts and the head. Easy to carry and move. Jutting from her left ankle was a USB connector, and through a hole in her back I could see the wires that had helped her respond to my attentions. I know they want to deliver your doll in 7 days or less, but this time they broke their record… Once I got her, I unboxed my little new lover and you can see my reaction at the short unboxing video I posted a few weeks ago. But more worryingly is the verbal inference that woman are like a video game: I had never ordered from DS before and have to say I became a fan of their customer service. I have to say, they have a well deserved fame. Being honest, I have way too many of these things in my apartment — imagine 30 sex dolls of different materials, sizes, and styles in a small NYC studio apartment. I had just jacked off a USB device. She is also easy to hide — for those of you needing to hide your toys. Doll Review Ok, Sili can be sexy and everything, but is she a good doll to buy? Easy to store in a closet or under bed storage unit. Of course, the doll is still headless. If you are on the market for a realistic doll that is easy to handle, enjoyable to play, and easy to move around your house, Sili is a perfect option. Three weeks from order to delivery — not bad for a custom product.

Sex doll review moaning lisa

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