Sex abuser with boarderline personality disorder

Patients were excluded from the study if they — a had met criteria for schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, or bipolar I disorder, b were acutely psychotic, c were having history or current symptoms of serious organic condition, or d were having cognitive decline or mental retardation. Reporting biases due to repressed memories, willful forgetting, denial due to shame or guilt, or even false reporting may not be overruled. This is in accordance with the previous findings. Of these 12 patients, 9 Moreover, once the history of CSA is revealed, its specific parameters can be used to predict their association with the development of BPD. In this interview, information about CSA was obtained with the help of semi-structured interview. In the first stage of the interview, all required sociodemographic details of the patient were collected along with the confirmation of BPD diagnosis according to the DSM-IV-TR criteria by two psychiatrists independently. There are few limitations to our study. Certainly, CSA is neither essential nor sufficient for the development of BPD and other factors need their due consideration.

Sex abuser with boarderline personality disorder

The mean age of the study sample was Nongenital type of CSA was reported by very few patients Of these 12 patients, 9 A longitudinal prospective case—control study can also explore the effects of CSA on the long-term adult functioning of BPD patients. Most of these CSAs were started during latency years, i. Thirty-six consecutive patients with BPD were administered with a two-staged semi-structured interview by different interviewers with the first stage for collecting sociodemographic details and confirming BPD diagnosis and the second stage for collecting information about CSA. The second interview was carried out by another interviewer who was blind to the subject's diagnosis and all other previously obtained information. After a full explanation of the study and assuring anonymity and confidentiality of the information given by them, written informed consent was obtained from all the participants. Instances of consensual sexual exploration between peers were not counted as abusive as well as equivocal situations were also not counted in the study. Chi-square test was applied to analyze the qualitative data. Developmental milieu suggests that some adverse childhood experiences may play an important role in the genesis of the disorder. Such association has been reported by previous researchers too. Financial support and sponsorship. Earlier studies concerning these formulations mostly focused on parental separation or loss[ 1 , 2 , 3 ] and disturbed parental involvement including parental neglect and unprotectiveness. Finally, in our sample, we found unstable interpersonal relationships to be associated significantly with patients without abuse history. However, there has been a scarcity of studies regarding this in Indian population. Borderline personality disorder, childhood sexual abuse, parameters of childhood sexual abuse, symptomatology Although borderline personality disorder BPD has been well established as a diagnostic entity, the etiopathogenesis of the disorder is still under research. Reporting biases due to repressed memories, willful forgetting, denial due to shame or guilt, or even false reporting may not be overruled. When assessed for the type of CSA, 2 There are few limitations to our study. First, our findings are based on retrospective self-reported childhood sexual adverse events. It has been stressed by previous researchers also that the development of BPD is associated with the severe type of CSA. However, detection of CSA is quite a difficult task because of secrecy, stigma, and shame associated with the incidence. Further research including all the above limitations will help in consolidating the gains achieved, and a full range of pathological and protective childhood experiences to which they are exposed can be outlined. In understanding associations between childhood sexual abuse and adverse outcomes, noncausal hypotheses e. This difference may be particularly attributed to different family and social structure of Indian population which restricts the occasions of CSA.

Sex abuser with boarderline personality disorder

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Symptoms Found Among The Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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