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Barnum was perhaps the first American showman who understood the alchemy of marketing through publicity and promotion. We talked about the fact that porn and reality TV can both be considered exploitative. The Accidental Pornographer On Feb. I think the danger is that we lose sight of the truth as, little by little, pseudo-events come to infect what we think of as real. Famously, a member of the Bush administration once derided pragmatists outside the inner circle as residing in the reality-based world. Soon, the two brothers were working for those teenagers, selling advertising and making deals in the interstices between adult websites, spam, spyware, and adult-related product companies. Indeed, its very success can be measured by how widely it gets reported. Reviewers who over-hype films, books, or plays have something in common with financial analysts who over-hype stocks—both affect the marketplace and influence consumers eager to be drawn in. Eisenberg and Vadocz wanted Blatt to be their publicity frontman.

Paris hilton sex free sample

Talking to him about his lengthy experience in porn and his more recent taste of reality TV, you can quickly see the parallels. Blatt, also known by the moniker KB, recently got into the reality TV business as a producer, having made a cross-genre jump he sees as little more than a sidestep over an invisible line. How does it look? As a detailed example, he describes Gen. Watch the naked girls changing their clothes in front of you Did I stage it? Have you ever thought about what girls do in a shower? You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site. Pseudo-events are more dramatic than real life, and their heightened emotional appeal helps make them the subject of wide discussion or debate to the point where knowledge of those pseudo-events becomes the way we determine whether someone is well-informed. As if to show me what his old high school buddies will be in for, Blatt later emailed me half a dozen nude photos of her, much to my surprise. Lacking the money for a lawyer and scared shitless, Blatt spent months scrambling out of windows to avoid being served. One morning, someone sent me an anonymous picture of her leaving Hustler Hollywood with a copy of her own DVD in her hand. Celebrities, Boorstin notes, are human pseudo-events. Newscasters who suffuse their reporting with drama can undermine the events they are describing. What are the search for WMD or the war on terror but pseudo-events which force us to debate and follow the very terms set out by the argument? According to Boorstin, we are. Indeed, its very success can be measured by how widely it gets reported. Eisenberg and Vadocz wanted to start a bidding war for the Paris video through the mainstream media and generate publicity for sexbrat. Despite the disappointment of watching the event live, many present reported they were thrilled with the opportunity to be on television. They told Blatt they had a new tape of a party girl named Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton fortune—ever heard of her? Blatt was soon approached by Ian Eisenberg, whose father was a pioneer in the phone-sex industry, and Roger Vadocz, president of the Seattle-based porn company Marvad. Soon, the two brothers were working for those teenagers, selling advertising and making deals in the interstices between adult websites, spam, spyware, and adult-related product companies. The people must be informed! As Kevin Blatt might put it, the media loves this shit. Raised in a comfortable upper-middle class family in Cleveland, Ohio, he attended public school and played a lot of golf at the local country club.

Paris hilton sex free sample

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  1. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he had a savvy understanding of the game he was playing, and the nature of that game was different and more complex than it appeared. Although David Joseph, the president of Red Light District, was willing to spend big bucks to advertise the DVD, Blatt soon discovered that no one would take their money because of the notoriety of the subject matter.

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