How to sex a gerbil

When the female gets older, the fur covers up everything and it's almost impossible to see them unless she have babies The female's anus and urogenital opening are close together. Finally, look at the ventral openings and look for a bulge at the base of the tail. Gerbils are territorial, so it's best to buy young littermates or find gerbils who have always lived together. This is absent in females. If it is very close to the anus, almost touching, it is a female. With a little experience you should be able to reliably sex gerbils from the third week or sooner.

How to sex a gerbil

Female gerbils have more obvious nipples. Also an adult lactating female will have visible nipples. This method can be used reliably from at least three weeks of age. Turn it over to view clearly its belly and the area beneath its tail. Small mammals such as gerbils are not usually spayed or neutered, so it's best to buy gerbils of the same sex. Adult males are significantly larger, although this is not a precise method of sexing because gerbil size can depend on a number of other factors. The first thing to do is to put your gerbil on your left hand or a stable surface. The best ways to avoid this mistake are to get your gerbil from a breeder or to learn how to sex gerbils yourself. Finally and most importantly, the distance between the urinary and anal openings in female gerbils is much smaller than it is in males. These tiny rodents are social creatures. You can of course swap hands if you are left handed. The gap will be larger in males. The difference is clearly visible. In captivity, gerbils live for 3 to 4 years. Place the gerbil in your hand or a firm surface such as a table 2. These are the nipples. But with babies, it's a little bit trickier. And in addition, the testicles are easily visible. It is not difficult to answer as this page will demonstrate. Step 4 Find the anus of the gerbil right under the tail. You must do the observation when the gerbil is 10 days old. Gerbils are territorial, so it's best to buy young littermates or find gerbils who have always lived together. The differences between male and female gerbils are not as obvious as they are in other animals. How to differentiate males and females Here you'll see how to see the differences between males and females at different age. Yes, you can touch the babies to this age, but be careful, there are fast like rockets!

How to sex a gerbil

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  1. Step 5 Look for a small, hairless bump of skin above the anus; this is the urinary opening.

  2. An alpha male will have the largest scent gland. It may seems obvious in pictures, but you'll see, they move alot to this age.

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