Hampton sex with sen ensign

Read the full report. There are a few points to be made here: We could use better staff salary expenditure information so that the pay doesn't look so confusing. Hampton claims once he had clients, Ensign instructed him to deal directly with his then-chief of staff. Coburn Played Negotiating Role After returning from Iraq, Hampton said he turned to the one place he was sure could help him -- a secretive Christian group known as "The Fellowship. Hampton use their November, Inc.

Hampton sex with sen ensign

Ensign bullied friends, colleagues, and contributors into hiring Mr. They referred the case to the Department of Justice and Federal Election Commission for further investigation. And it may well be illegal for a senator to help them do it. And it's under duress. Hampton provided ABC News with e-mails which he says prove his claims. But, if the check was indeed severance, Ensign may have violated campaign finance laws by not revealing it. Hampton claims it was none other than Coburn who personally took charge of the negotiations. The role played by Oklahoma Sen. And then they celebrated Christmas together the next day, according to the report. There are a few points to be made here: Ensign, in true David Letterman fashion, characterized the negotiations as blackmail. Why would a client hire Doug Hampton if he didn't think he would have access to John Ensign's office? Coburn intervenes[ edit ] On July 8, the Las Vegas Sun reported that Douglas Hampton had spoken publicly for the first time about the affair. We could use better staff salary expenditure information so that the pay doesn't look so confusing. Like covert, cover-up, for Cindy Hampton. Put your pants on and go home. He agreed to end the affair. We're not big enough,'" Hampton said, recalling his conversation with the Fellowship. His boss and best friend invited Cindy to the White House Christmas party, to which Hampton had no objection. A family spokesman -- denying a payoff -- called it part of a "pattern of generosity" made "out of concern for the well-being of longtime family friends during a difficult time. Senate Ethics Committee in a devastating report of obstructing justice, lying to the Federal Election Commission, violating campaign finance laws and conspiring to violate cooling-off laws, has been told by the Justice Department to have a nice life. Hampton use their November, Inc. That day Ensign's wife Darlene issued a statement that said, in part, "Since we found out last year we have worked through the situation and we have come to a reconciliation. Included are details not only about the former veterinarian's affair with his best friend's wife but his alleged attempts to cover it up. Among other allegations in the report:

Hampton sex with sen ensign

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