Coconut oil as sex lubricant

After all, it is a mucous membrane and it is very sensitive. For those suffering from vaginismus, those with a small vaginal opening, or any other condition that can cause painful sex, a good lube is a must if there is any hope for sex being successful. It is NOT greasy or clumpy feeling. Some gave me more yeast. It has NO pesticides. Unlike some other oil, it is non-hydrogenated.

Coconut oil as sex lubricant

Kemper —————————————————————————— This is a coconut oil that has been selling for more than 10 consecutive years in the State. Trust me, I know. There are a lot of them out there. So, all its natural nutritional values and flavor are just as fresh as when it is still with the coconut. I use it everyday as my lotion and sunscreen in Summer. It is full of all sorts of friendly bacteria that keep you safe from infection. To kill off candida yeast growth. There is a way. You can see it from the picture below…. From other researches, I learnt that coconut oil has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil lubricant fits all of the above criteria, and more. How would you know? And it leaves my skin soft and feeling very smooth and has a most wonderful smell. See more details here. Peppermint oil is much stronger than ylang ylang. I have tried the popular natural lubes used in the room. Simply scoop out your desired amount, warm it between your hands, and go to town. They are the best lubes for couples trying to have a baby. The extracts help to relax your anus well. Even when you buy at larger quantities, it will last you depending on how you use it. Always start with less of an oil and add more if you feel necessary. This is a relaxing oil that has been used to support normal hormone and promote libido. Need to get that weak and brittle nails? A good lube contains no funky chemicals. Oz Mehmet listed 99 uses of this wonder-filled oil. So, it needs just a little increase in heat to turn it to liquid.

Coconut oil as sex lubricant

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